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Humans of the Institution

Conference 25-27 Nov



You are invited to join in a discussion on the shifting contours of the global and the local, and how this shift influences the working conditions and obligations of freelancers today.  Organised around the experiences of curators, Humans of the Institution will be a nuanced debate important to freelancers and institutions alike, seeking dialogues of consequence to change “industry standards” in the arts and further afield.

Humans of the Institution is an international gathering in Amsterdam, that will take place as a two-day symposium, broadcast online and archived by Curatorial Practice (UiB), followed by one day of semi-public Working Groups.


Whose Global, Whose Local?

The Saturday programme will hone in on the freelancer as a mobile agent whose presence and experiences may help chart the shifting pressures and frictions of a changing international order.

Precarious Practices

The Sunday programme will open up the mutable, unfixed and increasingly unstable categories of institutions and individuals, along with the emergence of cybernetic systems.