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Program preview, all weekend

Please note: this is a preview of the Amsterdam Art Weekend 2017 program. The full program will be announced at the beginning of October. Check our website for weekly updates.


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Participant: Amsterdam Art, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam,
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam & EYE Filmmuseum
Date + time: Fri. 24 November / 16-18 hrs
                 Sat. 25 November / 14-16 hrs
                 Sun. 26 November / 14-16 hrs
Event type: Screenings
Location: EYE Filmmuseum
What? Documentary Art Film program Amsterdam Art Weekend at IDFA

Each year, Amsterdam Art teams up with the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and EYE Filmmuseum to compose a special program of art films. Among the contributors are artists represented by Amsterdam galleries, as well as residents of the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten and De Ateliers. The program is curated by Joost Daamen (Programmer IDFA), Anna Abrahams (Programmer, EYE Filmmuseum) and Karen Archey (Curator of Contemporary Art, Time-based Media, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)

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Participant: Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten
Date + time: Fri. 24 November / t.b.a.
                 Sat. 25 November / t.b.a.
                 Sun. 26 November / t.b.a.
Event type: Open studios
What? RijksakademieOPEN 2017

Only once a year the Rijksakademie opens its doors to the general public and reveals what goes on behind its walls. During RijksakademieOPEN 2017, forty-five emerging artists will present the results of one year research, experimentation and production. Visitors are given an opportunity to discover trends in the visual arts and get to know artists whose work they will later come across in collections, exhibitions and biennials worldwide.

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Participant: De Ateliers
Date + time: Fri. 24 - Sun. 26 November / 14-22 hrs
Event type: Event
What? Let’s see, where were we? In the pit of despair

De Ateliers presents Let’s see, where were we? In the pit of despair, which takes the painting Christ in Limbo by (a follower of) Hieronymus Bosch as a guiding motif. The collaborative total-installation places a café / bar at its epicenter, hosting artist talks, performances, film screenings and such by residents of De Ateliers.

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Participant: all galleries
Date + time: Fri. 24 November / 13-21 hrs
                 Sat. 25 November / 12-20 hrs
                 Sun. 26 November / 12-18 hrs
What? All participating galleries open their doors to show the new exhibition specially made for Amsterdam Art Weekend.

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Participant: Oude Kerk
Date + time: Fri. 24 November / 10-18 hrs
                 Sat. 25 November / 10-18 hrs
                 Sun. 26 November / 13-17.30 hrs
Event type: Exhibition
What? NA – Christian Boltanski

A radical, site-specific exhibition by Christian Boltanski (France, 1944), one of the world’s foremost artists, whose oeuvre deals with the way we remember and commemorate. In a memory-filled space like the Oude Kerk, with its eight centuries of history and 2,200 memorial stones, his work is more than relevant. The artist presents more than sixty tombs as beacons for the hereafter, thereby asking visitors life-related questions.

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image: Christian Boltanski, La Salle des pendus, photo by Ph. De Gobert