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Galerie Fons Welters

Galleries Galerie Fons Welters
Bloemstraat 140
1016 LJ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 4233046


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Fri 25 Nov / 13 - 22 hrs
Sat 26 Nov / 12 - 20 hrs
Sun 27 Nov / 12 - 18 hrs


About the gallery:
Galerie Fons Welters opened its doors in 1988 in a former garage in Amsterdam's Jordaan area. Since, the gallery has established itself nationally and internationally as a place for emerging contemporary artists, often with a particular focus on installation art and sculptural approaches.
Throughout the years, the gallery has represented different generations of artists, but always by starting to work with each one of them in an early and precious moment of their careers. This position is enhanced by the project space the gallery opened in 2000 in its front space.
Artists represented by the gallery:
Eylem Aladogan, Olga Balema, Tom Claassen, Jan De Cock, Folkert de Jong, Claire Harvey, Hedwig Houben, Saskia Noor van Imhoff, David Jablonowskil, Job Koelewijn, Sven Kroner, Zilvinas Landzbergas, Gabriel Lester, Pere Llobera, Renzo Martens, Matthew Monahan, Paulien Oltheten, Femmy Otten, Maria Roosen, Berend Strik, Jennifer Tee, Evelyn Taocheng Wang