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National Holocaust Museum

Museums/Institutes National Holocaust Museum
Plantage Middenlaan 27
1018 DE Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 5 310 310


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Open Thu 24 – Sun 27 Nov / 11-17 hrs


National Holocaust Museum
The National Holocaust Museum (NHM) is a museum in development, which will pass through several stages in the years ahead. In this first stage, a three-year period, a varied range of exhibitions and events show visitors the many ways a museum can present the history of the Holocaust – in an artistic form, with authentic objects and personal stories. During this stage, the emphasis lies on raising funds for the entire plan: a permanent National Holocaust Museum that places the history of the Holocaust in the Netherlands in a broad international context.
The National Holocaust Museum aims to forge connections between people from different backgrounds by presenting our collective history as a pillar of today’s democratic society and our sense of justice.
The National Holocaust Museum in development is part of the Jewish Cultural Quarter, which also includes the Jewish Historical Museum, the JHM Children's Museum, and the Portuguese Synagogue.