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Ornis A. Gallery

Galleries Ornis A. Gallery
Hazenstraat 11 
1016 SM Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 49812676


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Fri 25 Nov / 13 - 22 hrs
Sat 26 Nov / 12 - 20 hrs
Sun 27 Nov / 12 - 18 hrs




About the gallery:
Ornis A. Gallery was founded in Utrecht in September 2010, when Ornis Althuis began curating exhibitions in his own house. In January 2013 he moved his gallery to Amsterdam’s Jordaan area. Ornis A. Gallery represents a diverse group of international artists. Most of them work in traditional disciplines such as painting, drawing and sculpture. What they have in common is their originality, creativity, imagination and a certain freshness in their work. Their ability to stay true to themselves and their work makes them stand out and ensures a continuous quality.
The gallery is also interested in the rediscovery of artists that most mainstream art histories have overlooked, and is increasingly concerned in taking a look back to explore what we might be missing.
Artists represented by the gallery:
Marliz Frencken, Jay Miriam, Hans Lemmen, Jan Knap, Waldemar Zimbelmann, Julius Hofmann, Mirjam Jacob, Marco den Breems, Yuri Rodekin.