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Amsterdam Art Weekend brings you an extensive and exciting program, showcasing the newest developments in contemporary art at over more than 40 of Amsterdam's most cutting edge venues.
Have a look below what Thursday November 22nd has in store for you. 

Revising the past, reimagining the future
Venue: De Nieuwe Liefde

10-17 hrs 
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On behalf of ArtReview and Amsterdam Art we invite you to ´Revising the past, reimagining the future´, a one-day conference program. The program consists of a series of panel discussions and talks that will address how renewed debates around decolonizing the museum, the opening up of the canon to non-Western and neglected art histories, and the emergence of new domestic and international markets are shaping the production, exhibition and reading of contemporary art.
Taking part in the conference are influential local and international artists, museum directors, critics, curators and collectors including Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy (director Witte de With), Kenny Schachter (writer, curator and art dealer), Luise Faurschou (Faurschou Art Resources), Annette Schoenholzer (coach and consultant at Connect the Dots and former director of Art Basel), Patricia Kaersenhout (visual artist and activist) and many more.

De Appel

Performance: Interior Parts
 (at Splendor-Amsterdam)
17-19 hrs
Interior Parts' is a performance inspired by a short story by Swiss writer Robert Walser. Throughout its increasingly intensifying 20 minutes, Palestinian actor Morad Hassan recounts his life story to German artist Thalia Hoffman. The artist is feeding the actor the interior parts of a lamb, which she cuts and prepares on stage in front of him. The more Hassan eats, the less informative his story becomes, until he is left with the anonymous identity of a citizen.
“It goes without saying that I am fond of good eating. Just as it goes without saying that ideas aren’t for me. Clever thinking is clearly not for me. Ideas are unquestionably not for me. That’s why I am a good citizen. For a good citizen doesn’t think much. A good citizen eats his food and that’s that, so Basta!”
- Robert Walser, ‘Basta!', 1917
The performance will be followed by a panel talk with the artists, Galit Eilat and Prof.Dr. Frans-Willem Korsten.


Opening: Point Cloud, Old Growth - Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács

17.30–21 hrs 

Political, mythological, art historical and cinematic representations create and reflect our view of the world. The artist duo Persijn Broersen  and Margit Lukács creates video works, installations and graphic works, often set in parallel worlds and reflective of our current visual culture. In their artistic practice, photography is integrated into the work process rather than presented as an end product. This offers an interesting artist's reflection on where the applications of photography lead in visualizing our reality. The exhibition is the first step in a new relationship that fits in with a broader exploration of the developments in photography in a virtual reality. In a completely new, three-part installation of sculptures and projections, which was developed in commission by Foam and will be officially premiered during this exhibition, nature as the construction of the human imagination will be examined.