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Canal district route

23 Nov - 26 Nov 2017

This route runs along galleries, museums and a project space. It starts in 'the Pijp' and takes you right into the canal area.
You can either walk this route, or take your bike, whichever you prefer!
We guarantee that you will discover new exciting art exhibitions and artists, whilst also enjoying the city.  


A. Grimm

The exhibition ‘Community Board’ shows various artists acting as curators by incorporating a mood board reflecting on printed matter. The centerpiece of the exhibition is the eponymous 15-meter-wide installation by Brad Kahlhamer (United States, 1956), in which he melts together cultural identity, visual artistry and social critique. By combining  hundreds of images, he depicts the cultural and historical structures of the Native American community.

B. Albada Jelgersma 

The exhibition, showcasing recent paintings by Mathieu Cherkit (France, 1982), is the artist’s first solo show in the Netherlands. Cherkit lives and works in SaintCloud, a suburb of Paris. The subject of his multilayered oil paintings is his grandparents’ house, where he lives with his wife and son. The result is an intimate look at his environment, translating his everyday life onto the canvas.

C. Akinci

Leylâ Gediz (Turkey, 1974) is a painter first and foremost, but her installation-like arrangements refer to the time and space behind the painting. Using a reduced palette and subtle aesthetics, she explores her world, expressing questions and points of view within her contemplative and intimate work. Gediz studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design, the Slade School of Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College, and the Staedelschule in Frankfurt.

D. Lumen Travo Gallery

Yvonne Dröge Wendel (Germany, 1961) is concerned with the relationship between people and objects, and the quest for challenging new ways of relating to things. She sets up experi mental encounters, and aims to capture what it is that objects actually do. ‘Thing Tank’ is a design for a building in public space. It is literally a tank, encouraging visitors to get actively involved in thinking about the future of things.

E. Museum Van Loon

Israeli artist Ronit Porat (1975) conducted research in the archives of the Oude Kerk, Castrum Peregrini, Museum Van Loon and Reinwardt Academy. Her work consists mainly of photos she collected, manipulated and re-contextualized to connect historical and personal stories, and to see whether the power of photography to create instant emotion and identification can be temporarily stopped. She uses birds as her guiding motif, to unite the four institutions and create a dialogue between historical eras.

F. Foam

Foam presents the first major solo museum exhibition by Anouk Kruithof (The Netherlands, 1981). As well as photography, her work includes video animations, installations, sculptures, publications, and performances. Their common premise is a fascination with the online representation of social issues. Kruithof subjects these to critical scrutiny by translating digital images into her own three-dimensional visual idiom.
The museum will also be staging separate exhibitions of photography by André Kertész (Hungary 1894 - 1985 United States), Romain Mader (Switzerland, 1988), and Stefanie Moshammer (Switzerland, 1988).

G. Manifesta Foundation

Since 2013, the Manifesta Foundation has organized a series of in-house exhibitions in its offices in a historical Herengracht canal house, in collaboration with various Amsterdam galleries. These provide a nonwhite-cube space for contemporary art, and make the unique building accessible to the public.
The exhibition ‘Terrestrial Records’, curated by Ellen de Bruijne Projects, features works in a wide variety of media by Lara Almarcegui (Spain, 1972), Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz (Switzerland, 1972/Germany, 1963), Pauline Curnier Jardin (France, 1980), Jeremiah Day (United States, 1974), Falke Pisano (The Netherlands, 1978), Maria Pask (United Kingdom, 1969) and Michael Smith (United States, 1951).

H. Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography

‘Landscape with Tree’ shows us the world of a young photographer who, in just five years, has become a favorite of the fashion industry. Jamie Hawkesworth's (United Kingdom, 1987) distinctive work has appeared in: the New York Times Style Magazine, Vogue, and many other leading publications. The exhibition includes the ‘Preston Bus Station’ project of 2013, travel reportage from the Democratic Republic of Congo (2016) and Colombia (2017), and his recent series of female nudes for PRINT Magazine (2017).

I. andriesse eyck galerie

Daragh Reeves (United Kingdom, 1974) uses a variety of media in his work, with film as his main reference. His newest installation involves a 16-millimeter film projector screening a stop-motion recording of a watch as seen through a jeweler’s shop window. The piece continues the artist’s fascination with creating time zones that lie between the recorded image and the present. The exhibition will also feature supporting photographs, drawings and sculptures.