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Paintings and Drawings Route

23 Nov - 26 Nov 2017

This route runs along various galleries and an institute, showcasing a wonderful selection of paintings and drawings. It starts in the canal district and takes you right across the city towards the IJ. You can either walk this route, or take your bike, whichever you prefer. We guarantee that you will discover new exciting art exhibitions and artists, whilst also enjoying the city.  

A. Prince Claus Fund Gallery

The Prince Claus Fund and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) present works by three visionary artists at three locations. Each is innovative, minimalist, sharply critical yet infused with wit. At the Prince Claus Fund Gallery, located at Herengracht 603 the exhibition ‘By His Will, We Teach Birds How to Fly: Ibrahim El- Salahi in Black and White’ is on view. Ibrahim El-Salahi (Sudan, 1930) has defined modernism in Africa and the Arab world and uniquely influenced the contemporary art scene.

B. Slewe - Steven Aalders

This exhibition is the result of Dutch artist Steven Aalders’ (The Netherlands, 1959) residency at the Van Doesburghuis near Paris this summer. During his stay in the home of the founder of De Stijl (1917 – 1931), he explored the concept of the golden ratio in relation to the movement’s primary colors. His geometric abstract oils are an attempt to create light and space using paint.

C. Borzo Gallery - Ronald de Bloeme

Ronald de Bloeme (The Netherlands, 1971) premieres at BorzoGallery this year with new paintings and works on paper. His show is interwoven with Donald Trump’s political claims about his inauguration. De Bloeme asks what constitutes reality, and whether there is such a thing as an alternative fact – questions that artists and philosophers have long sought to answer. The show takes its inspiration from a color graphic showing the results of last year’s Berlin state election.

D. Gerhard Hofland - Yesim Akdeniz

Gerhard Hofland presents an exhibition of new works by Yesim Akdeniz (Turkey, 1978). While the artist’s paintings are visually mesmerizing, they are best described as conceptual, contemplating the relationship between recognizable or mysterious symbols and their meaning. By isolating them from their original contexts, she creates a world that feels both familiar and alienating. 

E. Galerie Onrust - Han Schuil

Han Schuil (The Netherlands, 1958) has recently begun incorporating thermography, which employs infrared light to show temperature, into his largely spray-painted works. The aim is not to achieve an exact rendering of reality, but for the images to acquire a life of their own and give rise to new possibilities and associations.