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Site-specific Installations Route

23 Nov - 26 Nov 2017


Image: Christian Boltanski, La Salle des pendus, © Ph. De Gobert

With this route, we want to take you through several site-specific installations, created specifically for each venue, as a special collaboration between artist and gallery/project space. These installations play with the space and time of each particular place, creating immersive and multisensory experiences.

A. ISO - group exhibition

‘Isola 3OOO’ is the inaugural exhibition of work by the closely intertwined group of ten artists living and working at the ISO art space. Curated by Florence Parot, it is a vertiginous, hallucinatory and immersive 3D diorama that disorients us and stretches all our senses.

B. Annet Gelink Gallery - Erik van Lieshout

Annet Gelink Gallery presents its second solo exhibition of work by Erik van Lieshout (The Netherlands, 1968). In his multimedia installations, Van Lieshout addresses contemporary social and political themes such as multiculturalism, the position of minorities, and the consumer society. He approaches these from a personal view by making himself the subject. This show features Van Lieshout’s new film, made during his four-month stay at the Kochi Muziri Biennale in southern India. The film is presented within a site-specific installation.

C. The Merchant House - Elsa Tomkowiak & Mary Sue

Elsa Tomkowiak (France, 1981) and Mary Sue (France, 1979) interpret the topography of The Merchant House as they sweep through its walls, floors, windows, ceilings and terraces  – Tomkowiak in painting and Sue in video, sculpture and photography. Mary Sue decks out her alter ego as a maid cleaning the house. Tomkowiak and Sue studied at ENSA, Dijon. They have regularly been featured in gallery and museum exhibitions, and more recently in large public and festival commissions.

D. Oude Kerk - Christian Boltanski

A radical, site-specific exhibition by Christian Boltanski (France, 1944), one of the world’s foremost artists, whose oeuvre deals with the way we remember  and commemorate. In a memory- filled space like the Oude Kerk, with its eight centuries of history and 2,200 memorial stones, his work is more than relevant. The artist presents over sixty tombs as beacons for the hereafter, and asks visitors: what will happen after you die?

E. De Ateliers - Let’s see, where were we? In the pit of despair

This three-day event takes Hieronymus Bosch’s painting ‘Christ in Limbo’ as a guiding motif. The artists, Benedikte Bjerre (Denmark, 1987), Sophie Lee (United Kingdom, 1988) and Benjamin Ramírez Pérez Germany, 1988), will work with (former) participants of De Ateliers on an installation that places a café at its epicenter. The event includes artist talks, performances, and film screenings.

F. Huize Frankendael - Edward Clydesdale Thomson

A year ago, artists Edward Clydesdale Thomson (United Kingdom, 1982) and Jason Coburn (United Kingdom, 1969) buried elements of ‘Not Safe For Work,’ the artist uniform for ‘wild care, tame neglect’ which Coburn made for Thomson to wear throughout his two-year collaboration with the Frankendael Foundation. During this time, Thomson has been working in the house and garden. ‘wild care, tame neglect’ is not just an exhibition, but an approach to making art, putting care and commitment at the forefront.



Museums/Institutes Oude Kerk

Opening times

Fri 24 - Sat 25 Nov / 10-18 hrs
Sun 26 Nov / 13-17.30 hrs

Christian Boltanski, photo: Maarten Nauw