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Body/Identity/Gender Art Route

23 Nov - 26 Nov 2017


Image: Alexis Blake, We Will Not Be Moved, performance, photo: Giulia Ferrando

This route highlights the work of artists who challenge and explore crucial everyday topics like gender, identity and the body, using a variety of artistic media. The selection of exhibitions we chose, including one performance, play with these topics in very different ways. From a more personal perspective, such as in the work of Leylâ Gediz, to more explicit representations like in Christian Friedrich's sound installation 'Skins'. 


A. Galerie Fons Welters

Evelyn Taocheng Wang’s (China, 1981) new drawings, paintings and sculptures for ‘Four Season of Women Tragedy’ are about the creation of identity, mainly through clothing. The starting point of the exhibition is Wang’s own wardrobe, and specifically garments by the fashion brand Agnès B. The exhibition shows how vain most people are, and how they see what they want to see. Is it smart to buy dresses, or should the artist save up to buy a house?

B. The Merchant House

Elsa Tomkowiak (France, 1981) and Mary Sue (France, 1979) interpret the topography of The Merchant House as they sweep through its walls, floors, windows, ceilings and terraces – Tomkowiak in painting and Sue in video, sculpture and photography. Mary Sue decks out her alter ego as a maid cleaning the house. Tomkowiak and Sue studied at ENSA, Dijon. They have regularly been featured in gallery and museum exhibitions, and more recently in large public and festival commissions.

C. Castrum Peregrini

Artists Alexis Blake (United States, 1981) and Marijn Ottenhof (The Netherlands, 1985) have created performances for the upcoming exhibition ‘Some Things Hidden’. Both take place in the former studio of artist Gisèle van Waterschoot van der Gracht, in Castrum Peregrini, a WWII safe house. Blake combines fine art, movement and performance to investigate the way in which the body is represented and treated as an archive, which she then critically examines, disrupts and re-negotiates. Ottenhof investigates social systems and the human need for rules and logic.

*Please note that this is a performance that takes place on Saturday 25 Nov, 13-15 hrs

D. Cobra Museum

‘Skins’ is a temporary extension of Christian Friedrich's (Germany, 1977) solo exhibition ‘Spectres of Want’ at the Cobra Museum. In this sound installation, the artist obsessively explores the delicate boundaries between control and transgression. Friedrich’s work eschews recognizable formats and methods, and explores how physical and intellectual power structures operate.

E. Museum Van Loon

Israeli artist Ronit Porat (1975) conducted research in the archives of the Oude Kerk, Castrum Peregrini, Museum Van Loon and Reinwardt Academy. Her work consists mainly of photos she collected, manipulated and re-contextualized to connect historical and personal stories, and to see whether the power of photography to create instant emotion and identification can be temporarily stopped. She uses birds as her guiding motif, to unite the four institutions and create a dialog between historical eras.

F. Akinci

Leylâ Gediz (Turkey, 1974) is a painter first and foremost, but her installation-like arrangements refer to the time and space behind the painting. Using a reduced palette and subtle aesthetics, she explores her world, expressing questions and points of view within her contemplative and intimate work. Gediz studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design, the Slade School of Fine Arts, Goldsmiths College, and the Staedelschule in Frankfurt.