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Family Art Route

23 Nov - 26 Nov 2017


Photo: Bibi Veth

Families can enjoy Amsterdam Art Weekend too! Choose this route if you are after something that's tailored to keep both you and your little ones entertained. Start the day by activating all your senses at a huge immersive exhibition at ISO, and then head over to Torch where you can literally step on artworks. In the afternoon, take part in a Dutch 'Golden Age' workshop at the Rijksmuseum and then head over to RijksakademieOPEN, where you'll find a 'Children's Studio' (for ages 4-11 yrs). While they get their hands dirty and discover different artistic materials during a special workshop, you can take a break and visit (45) artists’ studios - at a leisurely pace! 


Isola 3OOO is the inaugural exhibition of work by the closely intertwined group of ten artists living and working at the ISO art space. Curated by Florence Parot, it is a vertiginous, hallucinatory and immersive 3D diorama that disorients us and stretches all our senses.

B. Torch

‘The Browsing Chamber’ is about how we consume digital images. Working with the traditional salon presentation, where every inch of wall from floor to ceiling was covered in paintings, this exhibition is the three-dimensional result of an online image search. The works are by Steven Cox (Scotland, 1986), Samuel Francois (France, 1977), Ina Gerken (Germany, 1987) and Gijs van Lith (The Netherlands, 1984). Visitors are invited to participate by stepping on the pieces and leaving their marks.

C. Rijksmuseum – Family program, from the golden Age ‘till present times

The Rijksmuseum’s drawing school offers children aged 6 to 10 a historical adventure they’ll never forget. In a two-hour workshop, they’ll experience the stories of our ancestors during the Netherlands’ Golden Age: an expedition to the ice-cold Nova Zembla, escaping into Hugo de Groot's bookcase, and crawling into Rembrandt’s skin.

There will be a simultaneous gallery tour for adults, providing a chance to discover the work of established and up-and-coming talents in venues close to the Rijksmuseum.
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D. Foam

Foam presents the first major solo museum exhibition by Anouk Kruithof (The Netherlands, 1981). As well as photography, her work includes video animations, installations, sculptures, publications, and performances. Their common premise is a fascination with the online representation of social issues. Kruithof subjects these to critical scrutiny by translating digital images into her own three-dimensional visual idiom.

The museum will also be staging separate exhibitions of photography by André Kertész (United States, 1894-1985), Romain Mader (Switzerland, 1988), and Stefanie Moshammer (Switzerland, 1988).

E. Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten

Once a year the Rijksakademie welcomes the public and reveals what goes on behind its walls. In RijksakademieOPEN 2017, forty-five emerging artists will open their studios and present the results of their past year’s work. Visitors are given an opportunity to discover trends in the visual arts, and meet artists whose work they will later come across in collections and exhibitions worldwide. Free tours are scheduled daily.

Here you will also find a 'Children's Studio' (for ages 4-11 yrs) where kids can discover different artistic materials during a special workshop. If your kids are into getting their hands dirty then this will keep them happy!