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Amsterdam Art Weekend brings you an extensive and exciting program, showcasing the newest developments in contemporary art at over more than 40 of Amsterdam's most cutting edge venues.
Here's your overview of some exciting events on Friday. 

Performance If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution

La Bibliothèque  - Myriam Lefkowitz with Lendl Barcelos, Alkis Hadjandreou, Annick Kleizen and Zoe Scoglio

Venue: Universiteitsbibliotheek Singel 425

10.30-16.30 hrs (divided in time-slots)

For one day, across the opening hours of the library, spectators will be ushered to a hall and invited to lie down, close their eyes and become immersed in a collective tactile experience. Surrounded by blankets, pillows, different kinds of fabric, stones, and other objects, a group of performers will weave a non-verbal narrative in and between bodies using touch and sound. Spectators will hardly recognize the performers’ presence, their gestures or movements, with only the “inanimate” elements being experienced as animate. Through this, what the spectator feels and imagines, the states of sleep and wakefulness, will be blurred to enable a different regime of images to appear. Each session can accommodate 10 spectators, who are welcome to stay and watch the following session in action.


Gallery Night: Amsterdam Art Weekend x ODAM
all participating galleries of Amsterdam Art Weekend 

17-21 hrs + afterparty (location to be announced!) 

This year, Amsterdam Art is joining forces with ODAM to present an extra special edition of the annual gallery night. ODAM creates various programs surrounding the exhibitions on display, inviting young creatives to add elements such as live music, radio shows, art debates and scavenger hunts. Through such tailor made programs, the public experiences the art on display in a new and refreshing way. We promise you will not want to miss out on this extraordinary evening, so mark your calendars and bring your friends. 

Opening: Printing Plant

17-21 hrs 

Printing Plant is a fabulous but intimate and bespoke 3-day art-book fair organized by Looiersgracht 60. Artistic print culture has a rich narrative in Amsterdam’s history and Printing Plant offers a new and much-needed platform for the progressive publications that are being produced. A remarkable selection of artist editions, multiples, catalogues, books, monographs, periodicals and zines that are generally unavailable in bookstores will be presented. Filling 750 m² of exhibition space, the fair invites visitors to learn more about art book publishing from 60 carefully selected independent publishers, antiquarian dealers, artists, galleries and printmakers who will be showcasing their works throughout the weekend.

Performance: Ryoji Ikeda

20.30-21.30 hrs
Visual artist Ryoji Ikeda, a key figure in the world of electronic music, is famed for his overpowering live performances and mind-expanding audiovisual work. Ikeda is compiling a spectacular presentation for Eye that will immerse visitors in images and sound. In creating his minimalist and breathtaking art, Ikeda (born in Japan in 1966) draws on mathematical concepts, quantum mechanics, data, sound and light, transforming them into works of intangible power and beauty, often capturing the invisible structures and data that shape our lives. With mathematical precision, he reduces sound and images  to their essence in stunning installations that bombard viewers with visual data. From pixels to the universe, he brings together the very smallest and very biggest in his work.