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Moments in a Thing Tank - Yvonne Dröge Wendel

Galleries Lumen Travo Gallery

Lijnbaansgracht 314
1017 WZ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6270883


Opening times

Fri 24 Nov / 13-21 hrs
Sat 25 Nov / 12-20 hrs
Sun 26 Nov / 12-18 hrs

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Yvonne Dröge Wendel, work in progress (2017), courtesy: Lumen Travo Gallery

Yvonne Dröge Wendel (Germany, 1961) is concerned with the relationship between people and objects, and the quest for challenging new ways of relating to things. She sets up experimental encounters, and aims to capture what it is that objects actually do.

‘Thing Tank’ is a design for a building in public space. It is literally a tank, encouraging visitors to get actively involved in thinking about the future of things.


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