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Photo: Martin van Es

With her diverse program, K_nstvl___ focuses on experimental art spaces. These art initiatives, often led by artists, offer emerging artists a platform and act as a catalyst for innovation, in terms of content, as well as organization. K_nstvl___ explores the playing field of these initiatives and the different contexts within which they operate. How do they organize and manifest themselves? What strategies do they employ to (re)present artists? With what questions and challenges are they confronted in the ever-fluctuating cultural field? With a biennial festival, meetings, discussions, publications and (coming soon) a database, K_nstvl___ provides a platform for these initiatives to share and exchange knowledge.


Others K_nstvl___

Date 26 Nov

Time 12 - 13:30 hrs

H. Bartels, Permanente Ausstellung des Kunstvereins, 1884, watercolor