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Project Spaces P/////AKT
Zeeburgerpad 53
1019 AB Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 54270879


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Open Thu 23 - Sun 26 Nov / 12-18 hrs


P/////AKT is a non-profit exhibition space for contemporary art that organizes and facilitates large scale solo presentations through which the audience gets the opportunity to gain insight in the thinking space of the artists. P/////AKT provides a platform for exceptional and developing artistic talents, who distinguish themselves through their authentic language and who are capable of giving a different view on the urrent way of thinking. These artists are stimulated to work out new developments and are given the opportunity to present their work to a relevant audience. Furthermore, P/////AKT always asks the artists to produce new work for the specific nature and dimensions of the exhibition space. 


Project Spaces P/////AKT

Opening times

Thu 23 - Sun 26 Nov / 12-18 hrs


Nicolás Lamas

Nicolás Lamas, 2017