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Temporary Gallery

German Kunstvereine Temporary Gallery
at Kunstverein
Hazenstraat 28
1016 SR Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 3313203


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Open Sun 26 Nov / 16-17 hrs



Temporary Gallery was founded in 2008/09 as a non-profit art association (Kunstverein) and was honored by the City of Cologne as a center for contemporary art in 2014. In addition to its extensive program of exhibitions and events, theory, it offers consultation for local artists and curators. Its exhibitions focus on young, up-and-coming as well as established German and international artists, providing a venue for the exchange of ideas and the production of new works. The thematic group exhibitions and events, to which guest curators and scholars / academics are regularly invited, are discourse-oriented. They open up interdisciplinary ties by systematically questioning the relationship between art and its present 


German Kunstvereine Temporary Gallery

Date 26 Nov

Time 16 - 17 hrs

Pierre Leguillon, Oracles. Artists' Calling Cards, 2017, Edition Patrick Frey, Photo: Clovis Duran